Commercial Buildings Insurance

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Cover available can include:

  • Building insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Public liability
  • Legal Fees

Commercial Buildings Insurance

If you own commercial property then it is extremely important to get it covered with a good insurance policy. There are many providers of commercial buildings insurance online so finding a good policy is not the challenge it used to be. Below is an explanation of the the different types of cover that are available and some tips on how you can save money on your policy.

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Types of Cover

  • Building Insurance – Building insurance is extremely important for any type of property. It will cover you for structural damage which is often extremely costly to repair. Structural damage often occurs as a result of fire or flooding but whatever the case you’ll be covered.
  • Contents Insurance – Commercial buildings often contain a lot of expensive equipment so getting contents insurance is always wise. Modern offices in particular contain a lot of expensive, high-tech equipment that can be very costly to replace if you’re not covered so it’s definitely worth getting contents insurance when you take out a commercial buildings insurance policy.
  • Public Liability – If an employee working in a commercial building were to be injured as a results of the building being unsafe, it could lead to a liability claim. For this reason it’s highly recommended that you get public liability insurance included in the policy so if a liability claim went against you, it wouldn’t be financially devastating.
  • Legal Fees – A big part of the expense of a liability claim is paying the legal fees to fight it. Solicitor fees are typically expensive and you may not be able to afford representation unless you have cover in place so it’s certainly something that you should strongly consider getting included with your policy.
  • Vandalism – Vandalism is always a risk to property of any kind so it’s always wise to get this type of cover included in your policy. You might not think that a commercial property is at much risk of vandalism but it’s still worth getting it so you can have full peace of mind.

The Benefits of Commercial Buildings Insurance

  • A Tailored policy – When you get cover online, it’s very easy to add options to your policy to provide extra protection. For example, cover such as rent guarantee and legal expenses will provide you with a lot more peace of mind.
  • All types of cover – You can choose to get any type of cover you need when you get insurance from one of the providers on the panel. Every owner of commercial property has different needs so it’s essential that you think about the type of cover that’s most important to you.
  • Easy Payment Options – Policies are very easy to set up and you can by either using a credit/debit card or by direct debit.
  • Save time and money – When you get quotes online, it will save you a great deal of time and usually money too. The old way of getting quotes, where you call different insurance providers individually wastes a lot of time so getting your quotes online from one place is by far the best way of getting commercial buildings insurance.
  • Expert advice – You might want to discuss things with an expert advisor and if so there’s always someone on hand. You may want to clarify the details of a certain type of cover or just get general advice on what type of policy is best for your needs. Whatever the case, there are experts waiting to answer all of your questions.
  • Instant cover – Your policy will be in place as soon as you have made payment. You will of course be sent the documentation for your policy immediately.

Saving Money

When insuring commercial property, there are some very reliable ways of saving money. These include –

  • Paying annually rather than monthly – If you‘re able to afford to pay for the policy upfront rather than monthly you’ll usually be able to save a good deal of money. Whilst paying upfront does require a greater initial investment of money, you’ll almost certainly save a good amount of money on the cost of your policy overall. The discount you get will depend on the insurance provider but you should make sure you get the best deal you possibly can.
  • Make the property as secure as possible – CCTV cameras, security lights and alarms are always recommended for commercial buildings. Having these security measures in place will help you to save on your insurance since it shows insurance providers that the property is less likely to be targeted by thieves and vandals.
  • Limit options – The more options you have included in your policy, the more you’re likely to pay. Although you always want to get a policy that provides the cover that you need, there might be certain types of cover that aren’t really necessary. For example if you have a lot of the contents of the building already covered in a separate insurance policy then there may not be much need to get content cover included.
  • Shop around – Getting quotes is a quick and easy process now thanks to the internet so there’s no excuse not to shop around. By getting quotes from multiple insurance providers, you easily compare them and see which providers offer you the best deal. If you don’t bother to get more than one quote then how will you know if you’re getting a good deal?

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