Commercial Property Insurance

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Cover available can include:

  • Building Insurance
  • Cover for Vandalism
  • Rent Guarantee
  • Liability Insurance
  • Legal Fees
  • Commercial Contents Cover

Commercial Property Insurance

If you own commercial property then you’ll know how important it is to protect it with a good insurance policy. There are many insurance providers who offer commercial property insurance online so getting the right policy for a price you can afford is easier than ever. It’s always a good idea to know what types of cover are available when getting commercial property insurance so you can be sure that you’re protected in all areas.

 Choosing the Right Policy

When you’re deciding on what type of policy to take out you need to decide where your biggest risks come from. Depending on the location of the property, vandalism and theft might be high risk so these are things you want to cover for. Whilst price is obviously an important consideration it isn’t the only thing you need to think about. Choosing the right options in your policy will ensure that you have full peace of mind.

Types of Cover

Each commercial property insurance policy will be unique although there are standard types of cover that you can expect to find in a policy. Some of these include –

  • Building Insurance – If there is structural damage to your building then the repair could be very costly so having building insurance is vital. As the owner of property it’s your legal obligation to make sure that the building is insured so getting building insurance is not seen as an optional extra and instead should be the foundation of your policy.
  • Loss of rent – If you’re unable get rent for whatever reason then loss of rent guarantee will compensate you until you’re able to resolve the matter. If you let out your commercial property then provided you’re selective with who you let to, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with rent, however it’s always worth getting protection just in case any problems arise.
  • Public liability – Liability claims are not uncommon nowadays so it makes sense to have a good amount of public liability insurance included in your policy.
  • Contents cover – It’s always a good idea to cover contents when dealing with commercial property. This type of cover will protect your contents for damage and theft. Depending on the type of business that your property is used for, the contents might extremely expensive so you don’t want to leave things to chance.
  • Damage from vandalism  – Commercial properties can be at high risk of vandalism when they’re unoccupied so getting this included in your policy is a good idea. Vandals can do a lot of damage and broken windows can be very costly to repair so have vandalism included in the policy will give you more peace of mind.

The Benefits of Commercial Property Insurance

Some great benefits of getting commercial property insurance online include –

  • Highly tailored policy – By getting your insurance from a specialist provider, you can make your policy as tailored as you need. Whilst every commercial property owner should have building insurance in place, you can add optional extras such as legal expenses and rent guarantee to your policy to give yourself more protection.
  • Get quotes easily – One of the biggest benefits of getting commercial property insurance online is that it makes it incredibly easy to get quotes. Getting multiple quotes is always a must when you want to get a good deal and thankfully getting lots of quotes is a breeze.
  • Easy claims process – A vitally important thing when you insure your commercial property is knowing that if you need to make a claim then you won’t be made to jump through hoops just to get the pay out you’re due. When you get insurance from one of the providers on the panel you can be sure that the claims process is straightforward.
  • Expert advice – It can be very helpful to discuss things with an expert before taking out your policy. Not only will you be able to discuss the different types of cover in detail but you’ll also be able to ask for advice about the best type of cover for your particular property.
  • Flexible payment options – You’re able to use a UK debit/credit card as well as direct debit to set up your policy.
  • Instant documentation – You will be provided with the documentation for your policy immediately.

Reliable Ways to Save Money

If you’re looking to get commercial property insurance at the best price possible, then below are some of the best ways to save money.

  • Pay for your policy upfront – Although it’s not financially feasible for everyone to pay for their policy annually, if you can do this then you’ll be able to make a very decent saving on the cost of your policy. Insurance providers are always happy when you’re able to pay a larger sum up front so you should certainly expect to be offered a good discount on your policy when you do this.
  • Make your property secure – A big factor that insurance providers take into account when calculating the cost of a commercial property insurance policy is how secure your property is. If your property is not particularly secure then it will be at greater risk of theft and vandalism. This means you’re more likely to make a claim and therefore the cost of your policy will be higher. This being the case you should always take steps to make your property secure by installing intruder alarms and CCTV.
  • Get quotes from different providers – Getting quotes from different providers is one of the best ways to save money on commercial property insurance, or any insurance for that matter. By getting a lot of quotes, you can compare them next to each other and pick the one that offers the best deal.

Getting Quotes Quickly & Easily

Getting quotes enables you to save money by comparing them and deciding which is best for you. To get your quotes simply click the red button below. Once you’ve provided details about your policy needs you’ll then have access to your range of quotes from the panel of commercial property insurance specialists.