Landlord Contents Insurance

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Cover available can include:

  • Contents Cover
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Public Liability
  • Legal Fees
  • Unoccupied Property Insurance

Landlord Contents Insurance

When you let property you have consider where the biggest risks are. A lot of claims that landlords make on their insurance is due to problems with tenants. This can be because of liability claims, loss of rent or damage and theft of contents. Many landlords like to offer their properties with a lot of modern furnishings to attract new tenants. Whilst this is a good way of attracting tenants it’s often a double-edged sword since it increases the risk of damage and theft.

Landlord contents insurance is an ideal way of protecting your contents from these risks. Any good landlord insurance provider will be able to offer you contents insurance as part of your policy at a very competitive price. Of course contents insurance alone is not enough to cover you for all the risks associated with letting property so it’s a good idea to read through this page and decide which types of cover will benefit you most.

Additional Types of Cover

  •  Building insurance – This is essential for any property owner. Building insurance will provide cover if there is structural damage that can occur from fire or flooding. Structural damage is some of the most expensive to repair so you should always get building insurance as a standard part of your insurance policy. If you don’t have it and your property were to be badly damaged then it could be financially devastating if you don’t have cover in place.
  •  Public liability – Liability claims are at an all-time high so having public liability insurance is recommended for all landlords. Liability claims can occur when someone is injured or killed because your property is unsafe. For example if some debris fell from your building and struck someone in the head. You always need to protect yourself against these types of claims as a landlord.
  •  Legal expenses -The legal expenses associated with fighting liability claims can become very costly so having this option included in your policy will give you extra peace of mind.
  •  Loss of rent guarantee –  There are times when you might have a tenant who is unable or unwilling to pay rent. Loss of rent guarantee will compensate you until you’re able to resolve the situation. These types of situations can often drag on so it’s always reassuring to know that you’ll be compensated until you’re able to have the tenant evicted.

 Saving Money

There are some sure fire ways that you can save money on your landlord contents insurance. These include –

  • Secure your properties – This will show insurance providers that there is less chance of your properties being broken into or vandalized and therefore they will be able to offer you a better price for your policy. There are many ways you can make your properties more secure. For example, having high quality windows and doors fitted might be expensive initially but it will make your properties much more secure. Using alarms and CCTV is another good way to secure your property.
  • Pay annually – The vast majority of people pay for their insurance on a monthly basis but one of the best ways to save a significant amount of money on landlord contents insurance is to pay for your insurance annually. Insurance providers always prefer when you pay upfront so doing this means you’ll be able to negotiate a better price for your policy.
  • Get multiple quotes – This is very quick and easy to do but still something that some landlords neglect. Get quotes from different insurance providers is vital since it’s the only true way to know if you’re getting a good deal or not. When you get quotes from different providers, you can compare them to each other and see which policy offers the best protection for the most competitive price.

The Benefits of Getting Cover Online

Below are some of the main benefits of getting landlord contents insurance online –

  • Save time – Getting quotes online will allow you to save a lot of time. Landlords are typically very busy people so being able to get quotes in the easiest way possible makes a lot of sense. Although you can get quotes from separate providers, this will take a lot longer to do and there’s simply no need to take this approach anymore.
  • Save money – Finding your insurance online could also save you a good deal of money. If you simply take out a policy with the first insurance provider that you contact then you won’t be certain if the policy offers good value for money. Being able to easily get quotes will allow you to make a much more informed decision.
  • Tailored policies – When you get quotes online, you’re also able to add options to your policy very easily to make it tailored to your specific needs. Extra levels of cover such as contents insurance and rent guarantee can be added to your policy to make it more secure.
  • Easy claims process – If you need to make a claim on your policy then you want to know that the claims process will be as quick and simple as possible. This is certainly the case when you take out a policy with one of the providers on the panel.
  • Expert advice – If you’re not entirely certain which type of policy is best for you or you just want to clarify the details of a particular type of cover then expert advisers are always on hand to speak to.
  • Easy set up

Getting Quotes is Quick and Easy

If you’re ready to start getting quotes for landlord contents insurance then you’re in the right place. There was a time when landlords had to call different insurance providers individually and then go through a long and detailed conversation just to get a quote. Thankfully that’s no longer necessary as getting landlord contents insurance quotes now couldn’t be easier.

When you click the red button below you’ll be taken to the quote form. Once you’ve provided a bit of necessary information you’ll then have access to highly tailored quotes from a panel of leading landlord contents insurance specialists. You can then compare the quotes and pick the one that’s best. It’s that easy!